Making Personalized Print Advertising Real

For many brands in the consumer space, marketing strategies have been built around print. And, in many cases, the ads created by brands had a primary goal of being “pretty”, not actionable. Today, with the growing impact of interactive online techniques, social media, and user-generated video content, brands are being challenged to make print a more measurable, interactive and engaging experience.

Enter AdMine. AdMine is a comprehensive support program for personalized advertising designed to help deliver the power of 1-to-1 marketing in consumer or business publications.

Developed in collaboration with Hearst Magazines, Strategic Content Imaging, Brown Printing Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard, AdMine provides consulting, creative services support, data management, action code integration and reporting services for supporting the insertion of 1-to-1 ads such as onserts or inserts in magazines.

AdMine services are delivered using a structured project management process intended to allow publication sales, creative and production teams to focus on client objectives, while Cierant project managers help support a smooth integration of the technical, data and management details associated with the planning, digital printing and magazine binding/mailing phases of the projects.