Simplifying Delivery of Personalized Ad Programs

Supporting delivery of personalized ads in typical consumer magazines requires new approaches when compared to typical ad production. For most ads, publishers receive print-ready files that can be easily inserted into the production process. Personalized ads start here, and then in combination with the publication’s subscriber data and/or brand customer data, variable content is built within the ad that incorporates measured “click” actions.

AdMine offers publishers a managed process for delivering these personalized ads; including the skills of a full-service interactive agency.

In order to make these ads more measurable, Cierant integrates:

  • Personal action codes (QR Codes)
  • Image recognition tools (Aurasma)
  • Personal URLs
  • Landing pages

And then, we provide a way to report capture and report all that customer activity!

Data Security

In addition to the planning and production of personalized ads, AdMine offers secure data management. This allows brands and publishers alike the peace of mind when handing over their data for use of variable content in the ads. Cierant supplies every client with a secure ftp site for data transfer and NEVER shares your data. We are currently in the process of completing our ISO 27001:2005 (ISO 27K) Certification for our processes of such data security, for which we are very proud.

AdMine offers publishers a managed process for delivering these ads:

The AdMine Platform

Support for planning meetings with client; review of overall ad strategy; development of campaign goals and metrics for success; planning of click behaviors and actions with advertiser; planning of sweepstakes or other promotional activities; development of needs for form data collection, landing page actions, etc. 
Data Managment
List segmentation strategy support; coordination of segmentation fields and customer data overlay plans; customer data/publisher data overlays; segmentation data for print variables planning.
Creative Optimization
Development of plans for action code integration (QR codes, Personalized Landing Pages, integration of augmented reality of image-based action triggers; planning for SMS integration; suggestions for client creative optimization based on ‘design for interaction’ best practices.  
Production Management
Coordination of digital print process; coordination of binding/polybagging operations with digital print content; data prep for variable data production; logistics management.
Development of customer reporting dashboards for publisher and advertiser access; reporting reviews with publisher and advertiser; post-campaign wrap up.