Putting the AdMine Platform to Work for You

The power and potential of using personalized advertising is best understood by exploring ads. This section of the AdMine site will let you look through examples of ads that we have created either for fictional brands, or using existing brands and showing how they might use targeting, personalization and interactivity to drive effective advertising programs.

Before looking at the ads, it is important to understand some basic concepts that are accounted for inside the sample ad gallery:

      1. Magazine Context:  Ad style and creative concepts must be appropriate to the context in which they are placed. Put differently, ads that might be appropriate or consistent with a title like Harpers Bazaar might seem out-of-touch or misplaced in magazines like Food Network or Real Simple. That is more than just a statement about the nature of the products… it is also a statement about the style of the ads. Ads with heavier text, strong promotional offers, coupons or bold use of terms like FREE or BUY NOW don’t always fit the style and tone of all magazines. No rule if absolute, but ….
      2. Interactive Triggers:  We are seeing an explosion of new techniques designed to leverage page interactivity through mobile devices. But, that does not make them all appropriate. Customers of Victoria’s Secret Pink brand (college age females) are likely great targets for augmented reality as an interactive trigger. If the advertiser is Talbot’s or Neiman Marcus, however, that technique faces a much higher barrier to success using augmented reality triggers. It can work, but executional perfection is a must.


About Our Explore Gallery

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some ads in the Explore Gallery use real brands to illustrate marketing concepts. We have watermarked these ads to indicate that they are SAMPLES only and are not actual ads of the brand.


We’ve organized an array of ads coming from different industries and with different marketing objectives, and categorized them into two main groups of publication types:

        • Fashion & Beauty:  These magazine specialize in helping brand advertisers build, refine and maintain brand images to target consumers. Classic titles here include: Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Town& Country and Glamour.
        • Lifestyle:  These magazines specialize in targeting lifestyle interests and typically contain ads that are more focused on transactional value to the reader.

Note…this is a rough categorization. Obviously many titles like Cosmopolitan have heavy focus on fashion & beauty topics, but based on reader demographics, are also a more comfortable venue for ads that are more commercial in nature. So, as you browse the ads, we suggest that the relationships we have created not be applied too rigidly.

We hope you find the example helpful!