The New World of Advertising

The new consumer may look a lot like the old consumer in person…but in action, he or she represents something completely new to advertisers. This new consumer is connected, vocal about likes and dislikes, empowered by information and by information access, and more likely than ever to demand a new level of perfection from brands…perfection in product, purchase experience, pricing and service. Of course, the new world in which advertisers are operating is also different. Empowered by Big Data, advertisers today have access to an expanding array of tools and techniques that allow the collection and analysis of data to help them learn how to solve the puzzle of the new consumer — tools and techniques that open new doors for consumer loyalty and targeting, if they know how to apply them! AdMine is one of those tools.

The AdMine platform is about making advertising more:

  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Actionable
  • Measureable

AdMine allows advertisers to leverage publisher data, along with their own consumer data, and apply it in the creation and distribution of true 1-to-1 ads that can be placed on or in magazine titles. At the same time, AdMine offers a portfolio of tools for measurement of ad effectiveness and for expanding our knowledge about our consumers at a personal level.