Tools For Interactivity

Now that you have made the decision to go interactive, what’s next? You now need to determine what kind of interaction is going to be the best fit for your upcoming/existing campaign. Below we will explore the concepts of both QR Codes and Augmented Reality (AR).


QR Code:

What is it? A QR Code is a 2-dimensPantone_AWAPR2013ional barcode that is similar to a traditional 1D barcode, or UPC as you might know it, only a QR can hold over 100 times more information.

How can it be used? QR Codes can be static, meaning all users scan the same code, or the most effective use is in conjunction with a personalized URL. We have the ability to embed personalized URLs within QR Codes so that when the user lands on a landing page, it is personalized specifically for them. It may simply have their name at the top, or perhaps their mailing address pre-populated into a form. Or, we can go even further, and have a variable graphic that is specific to their location, or an offer specific to their demographic, etc. This is what makes a QR Code a very attractive piece of marketing technology, though not so attractive by design standards.

There are a few things to remember when using QR codes:

  • Be sure there is a clear, concise objective – email collection, social interaction, online purchasing, etc.
  • Always remember your ideal consumer while designing your campaign. Be sure to tell them WHY they are scanning, and above all, make it valuable and worth their time.
  • It is all about exclusivity. Make the consumer feel like they are getting something special.
  • Do not let the design take over usability. If you are measuring ROI based on the number of scans, make sure there is a clear call to action and that the code stands out – there are ways to creatively integrate a QR Code into your design. Test, test, test.
  • Provide an alternative to the QR, aka a URL or Personal URL. While Smartphone use is constantly on the rise, not everyone has access, and you don’t want to leave any consumers out; that could be a real turn-off.
  • Make sure where ever you are sending the consumer, it is Mobile (and Desktop) friendly.

Check out, “5 Big Mistakes To Avoid in Your QR Code Marketing Campaign,” by Matthias Galica, on for some samples of what not to do.

Augmented Reality:

Simply put by Dena Cassell at, “Augmented reality is the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment that’s displayed in real-time.” For example, scan a magazine ad and the spokesperson appears telling you about their brand’s latest endeavor. Or, scan your cereal box and watch yours/your kids’ favorite characters come to life on your mobile phone/tablet.

Taylor-Swift-Wonderstruck-Enchanted copy

AdMine has partnered with Aurasma , who since launching in 2011, has quickly risen to become the world’s leading platform.

Aurasma assigns virtually any image, object, and place an Aura. Once a user scans the image, whatever it may be, this Aura comes to life via video, 3D animation, etc. Once the Aura appears, we have the ability to overlay link(s) that can bring users to a brand website, to an eCommerce site to purchase products/services online, to product reviews, etc. The skies the limit. Note: Users are required to install the FREE Aurasma app in order to unlock these Auras.

There are currently two ways to utilize Auras:

  1. Through a channel that is branded to your company, i.e. the Cierant Channel, and in order to unlock an Aura, the subscriber has to first “follow” your channel.
  2. Through what they call Super Auras. These Auras do not require a user to follow your branded channel, they can simply download the FREE app and scan to unlock the Auras.

How can it be used? Auras can be used to share video in a variety of ways. Instead of just writing that a particular outfit was “seen on the Paris runway,” you can actually create an Aura that brings a clip of the Paris show to the user. What’s the best way to apply makeup to get that dark, smokey eye? In addition to showing it on the page, the Aura can launch a quick tutorial from a make-up artist right then and there while reading their favorite magazine. Does your brand have a really great spokesperson? Record a message from that spokesperson specifically for your subscribers to view.

If you already have the Aurasma app downloaded, scan the sample here to see how it works.

Don’t have it downloaded? Get it on the App Store or Google play now, and give it a try!